35 mistakes you don't realize you're making around your house that can make you sick

2023-01-07 20:31:28 By : Ms. Tina Zhang

Make your home a healthier place with these tips.

It’s easy to remember to disinfect doorknobs and vacuum your floors from time to time, but sometimes we all forget about other things around our homes that might be kind of gross. I mean, when there are tons of grocery bags on your countertop waiting to be unpacked, it’s easy to forget to wash your produce. Aluminum Airline Rail

35 mistakes you don

So, I made our new go-to list of the 35 mistakes you don’t realize you’re making around your house that could make you sick (or cause your skin to break out, allergies to act up, et al) because we all forget a few of these now and then.

It’s worth adding this waterproof meat thermometer to your kitchen drawer because there’s a temperature chart on the front, so it’s super easy to check if your chicken, fish, or pork is cooked all the way through. This LED-backlit thermometer is compact enough to store with your other utensils, but there’s also a built-in magnet to pop it on the front of your fridge.

This mini dehumidifier can help prevent mold and mildew, of course, but it also takes care of any mildew smells hanging around the house. You won’t have to check this super quiet dehumidifier all the time because an LED light comes up when the oversized 17-ounce water tank is full.

I promise using this bread loaf box doesn’t take a ton of time or effort when you get home from the grocery store. You can even keep it in the bread bag because the bag helps you pull each slice to the top. The container is airtight, and it has a durable plastic design, so you won’t end up with smushed bread.

This quirky microfiber duster makes it way less annoying to clean off the fan because it has a circular design to quickly dust off each blade — which can help alleviate irritation from allergies. It has a handle that extends up to 47 inches, so you won’t have to grab a stool to dust the top of each blade.

This set of kitchen sponges is the perfect swap for a grimy sponge hanging out next to your sink because they have a quick-drying design that won’t get all gross. The absorbent foam material is odor-resistant, and it’s super easy to rinse every bit of food off of it after washing dishes. Oh, and when they do wash your dishes, they won’t scratch your plates.

With this lead testing kit, you can go around your home and test old paint you might spot. They come in a compact case that’s easy to store for whenever you find paint that you’re a bit suspicious of. Simply add some white vinegar, and you’ll find out in 30 seconds if that old paint has lead in it.

This waterproof mattress protector is such an easy way to avoid a mattress full of stains and sweat (and allergy-irritating dust mites). Even with its super protective design, this bedding add-on is actually breathable and completely machine-washable to easily get rid of all of the dust. Plus, the hypoallergenic fabric won’t sound super crinkly on your bed.

Trim these unique fridge mats to fit your produce drawer or shelf, and they’ll keep everything fresh. Their foam design gives fruits and veggies additional airflow and prevent bruising, so you won’t get stuck with moldy produce when it’s time for dinner. You can also wash these cushioned mats between grocery runs.

Finding a clean spot for your toothbrush is way less of a hassle with this wall-mounted holder, because it has a handy cover on the front. This sleek holder gives you a hidden and super clean spot for two toothbrushes. It has double-sided tape, so it’s easy to stick it right next to your toothpaste on the wall.

With this non-slip cutting board set, you won’t have to spend a ton of time cleaning your cutting board between meat and produce prep — or rish cross-contamination. Each one has a groove around the edge to catch any spills while you chop, which also helps keep your counters clean. They’re also dishwasher-safe, so you won’t have to hand-wash a gross board after prepping meat.

Simply tuck these disinfecting electronic wipes in your living room or home office, and you’ll always have a clean remote, keyboard, or phone. They take care of germs and bacteria on any electronic, and they dry within four minutes, so keeping your electronics clean isn’t a huge hassle.

With these eco-friendly roach traps, you won’t have to think about (or see) gross, dirty roaches, beetles, ants, scorpions, or spiders on a daily basis. The box design is easy to tuck all over your house, and it hides anything it catches. This set also comes with mess-free pouches of bait, and each one takes care of up to 800 square feet.

Keep this wood moisture meter around to check on any damp stains you spot around your home. You slide it right over your walls, so you won’t leave behind any holes or scuffs when you check for moisture. It has an LED light, so it’s even easy to check for potential mold problems in dark closets.

Adding a thermometer to your fridge may seem unnecessary or complicated, but this little thermometer simply sits in a drawer or hangs under a shelf. The LCD screen lets you know if your fridge or freezer is a safe temperature for your groceries, and it’s even waterproof if a bit of sparkling water spills.

With this touchless soap dispenser, you won’t have to touch your kitchen soap bottle with food-covered hands — especially after working with raw meat. It has a switch to control how much of your go-to antibacterial soap comes out each time. You can also mount it on the wall to avoid picking up this sleek soap bottle and cleaning underneath it all the time.

With this vacuum sealer machine, you can toss out all of those freezer-burned leftovers wrapped up in foil. Not only will your food stay fresh for up to three years, but these transparent bags make your freezer look super clean and organized. It has one simple button for easy sealing, and an LED light comes on while it seals up your leftovers.

Grab this sleek air purifier so you never forget to take care of the allergens floating around your home. It has three stages of filtration to help out with pet dander, pollen, dust, unwanted smells, and more. This miniature purifier even lets you add essential oils, so you can fill your space with your favorite fragrance.

These go-to disinfecting wipes takes care of 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. This container comes with a whopping 80 wipes, so you’ll always have one ready to go. They come in an easy-to-grab bottle so you can give your fridge, doorknobs, and other frequently-touched surfaces a quick wipe down, and they even help with allergens like pet dander or pollen. The fresh citrus scent also makes your home smell nice and clean.

Instead of dedicating a whole day to cleaning makeup brushes, grab this automatic cleaning kit. It has a bunch of attachments to fit your unique brushes, and there’s even a compact holder to easily store them in a bathroom cabinet. It comes with a brush-washing bowl paired with a cleaning solution so you can wash, spin, and dry those really grimy brushes.

Reach for this fruit and vegetable wash before you stick all of your favorite produce in the fridge. It has a simple seven-ingredient formula with baking soda and lemon oil to clean off 90% of pesticide residue, while that lemon will cut through any wax. It also won’t leave behind any funky tastes or odors on your groceries.

Did you know you’re supposed to change out your toothbrush about every every three months? Always have a spare toothbrush on hand with this multipack of soft toothbrushes. They’ll remove 99% of plaque, fighting odor-causing bacteria, and these brushes also come with tongue and cheek cleaners, too.

This litter-catching mat has a minimalist design that simply looks like a little rug under your cat’s litter box. Even though it looks somewhat chic, it’s actually made of a lightweight, water-resistant, and grippy material. When it’s litter-cleanup time, it’s easy shake it out of this mat or vacuum it up.

This absorbent and 100% Turkish cotton towel set comes with a ton of colors, so it’s super easy to color-code the washcloths in a shared bathroom. With all of the machine-washable colors, you’ll never accidentally grab someone else’s washcloth (or the one you used the night before).

Yes — this is a little handle that sticks right to your toilet with 3M tape, so you don’t have to touch the seat, making the restroom experience more hygienic. It has a compact design and white color that won’t stand out too much on your toilet. This set also comes with two of these helpful handles, so you could even stick one on the lid.

This sheet set is easy to stick in the washing machine, so you don’t have an excuse not to keep them clean. Even after sleeping on them for a few nights, the moisture-resistant, lightweight fabric will still feel crisp and soft. Plus, the microfiber fabric is even wrinkle-resistant to avoid a messy-looking bed.

There’s zero cleaning involved to fix this mistake because you simply pop this carbon monoxide detector into an outlet. It has a built-in alarm if it detects poisonous carbon monoxide, and there’s a little button on the front to test it. Plus, with a few batteries, this detector will still go off if your power goes out, a genius feature that helped this device get over 20,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Avoiding pests in your favorite snacks should be a priority, and that’s where these airtight food storage containers come in. These durable and BPA-free bins won’t just keep your food fresh — they’ll also keep them organized with a clear design and reusable chalkboard labels. This set also comes with universal lids that fit right on top of each of the sizes to further keep things tidy.

Take care of all of the dust, dog hair, and allergens that are hiding under furniture or between the fridge and counter with this extendable and super slim microfiber duster. It’s even flexible enough to bend and slide under doors or across wall vents. The fabric has a simple elastic band, so it’s easy to pull it off and stick it in the washing machine.

Instead of just hoping you reach every corner when you wash your go-to water bottle, grab this bottle brush set. It comes with a ton of sizes, so you can actually clean the bottom of bottles or even funky glassware that’s annoying to reach. Each one is made with rust-resistant stainless steel, and the durable bristles will totally hold up in the dishwasher.

Reach for this handheld steam cleaner if you don’t feel like reaching for abrasive cleaners and cleaning cloths. It disinfects countertops or that annoying shower super quickly with just water. This surface cleaner comes with three different nozzles — and there’s even a grout attachment. It also comes with three colorful brush attachments, so you can color-code which scrubber is for disinfecting rooms like the bathroom.

With this ceramic sponge holder, you can totally avoid buying a bunch of sponges — because it will stop your cleaning supplies from getting all grimy. The minimalist farmhouse design props up your sponge for quicker drying. Plus, it’s completely open on the sides, so it won’t hold onto all of the extra water when you finish washing dishes.

Go ahead and toss that bathmat that feels all sorts of gross and moldy, and stick this bamboo mat next to your shower. It has an elevated design, so all of the extra water drips through and quickly dries. This non-slip mat also has a water-resistant finish to avoid dealing with a damp mat.

If you avoid cleaning the water pitcher in your fridge, stick this filter right on your water faucet instead. This lead-filtering sink add-on has a chrome finish, so it won’t mess up the aesthetic of your kitchen, all while filtering out 60 different contaminants, including lead. You also simply twist it on your sink without reaching for any tools.

Swap out your never-been-washed pillows for this set of machine-washable pillows that are easy to clean on sheet changing-day. Each one has cooling gel fibers inside that won’t move around a ton inside the cotton case. They’re fade- and stain-resistant to add to just how easy they are to keep clean. These pillows are an Amazon shopper favorite, too, with over 148,000 five-star reviews.

35 mistakes you don

Galvanized F Track These little tablets clean up your dishwasher, so you won’t find still-grimy dishes after a cycle. You only need to pop these septic tank-safe cleaners in your dishwasher about once a month to get rid of all of the limescale and buildup. You can even add an extra one of these deep-cleaning tablets in if it’s been a while since you cleaned the dishwasher.